Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Arts


Criminology and Criminal Justice

First Advisor

Kroner, Daryl


This paper examined the inter-rater reliability of psychological assessments in practical field with 42 inmates’ PCL-R scores. As results, this study showed similar ICC and SEM values to those from PCL-manual. Concerning PCL-R structure, factor 2 showed higher ICC value than factor 1, and facet 4 showed higher ICC value than facet 1, 2, or 3. Especially, facet 2 showed low ICC value. Those are consistent with previous studies. However, ICC yielded by factor 2 only and both factor 1 and 2 showed similar ICC values. Considering theoretical and clinical aspects, it was recommendable to use PCL-R total score as risk assessment, though interpreting facet 2 requires cautions. Concerning to rater’s characteristics, the most influential factor to keep the PCL-R reliability was conducting it on regular basis, rather than licensed status. It was difficult to examine whether or not singed-off contribute to maintain sufficient reliability due to small sample size. In regression model, all rater related variables were not significantly correlated to PCL-R score change between two assessment occasions. PCL-R scores at Time 1 was moderately and negatively correlated to PCL-R score change. This indicated natural regression toward the mean. It is desirable to conduct additional study after obtaining more sample and rater related information, such as clinical experience. Additionally, it requires a consideration to apply findings in this study to female psychopathic subjects. As a policy implication, it is recommendable for personnel division to have psychologists to remain in their psychological work.




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