Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science



First Advisor

Gilbert, Scott


For many young individuals in their junior year of high school the pressures of getting into the desired secondary education institution of their choice is a nerve-wrecking task. For months they prepare to study for standardized tests and compile their greatest achievements to prove they are worthy enough to be accepted in to these prestigious universities. However, preparation for college starts way before the application season. It leads one to wonder what influential factors surrounding them could affect their odds of being successful in college once they are accepted. This study examines the influential factors that effect a student’s college readiness. The factors tested will be student’s parent income, total enrollment of the high school, total number of high school days in a year, average class size in the high school, and the teacher quality of that high school. A multiple regression will be used to test these independent variables against the high school graduate ready for college percentage for each high school. The slope parameters of the model will be tested through t-tests, p-values, and f-tests. The sample size will consist of Illinois High Schools who have completed an Illinois High School Report Card required by the No Child Left Behind law. In addition, a ten question survey will be dispersed to a population of fifty college students at SIU focusing on factors they believe have been influential on their college success. This study will aim to improve the understanding of all the factors that go into equipping high school students for a milestone that can ultimately affect their economic outcomes in life.




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