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Master of Science


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) has become an interesting field in computer science due to its diversified applicability that includes military applications, industrial applications, home applications, monitoring temperature, etc. Wireless sensor nodes have many limitations in computational capabilities. A number of security issues subsist in WSN and need to be analyzed in order to design congruous security mechanisms and overcome security problems that arise in the sensor environment. In this project we focus on how to set up communication between two computationally incapable nodes by outsourcing the information to a server in an untrustworthy environment without sharing the key directly. A public-key cryptosystem called elliptic curve cryptography is basically used in here and we ultimately get the sender node authentication from the server through a signature verification scheme. We provide extra security by using a cryptographic hash function for the channel between the server and the destination node. We performed an evaluation of our approach through simulation. The analysis of the results clearly indicate the advantage of our proposed approach.




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