Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Computer Science

First Advisor

Zhu, Michelle


The purpose of this study is to simulate the application of the finite difference method for Schrodinger equation by using single CPU, multi-core CPU, and massive-core Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), in particular for one dimension infinite square well problem on Schrodinger equation. In the quantum mechanics, the Schrodinger equation is one of the foundational equations which describe the the quantum state of some changing physical system. The partial differential equation (PDE) describes Schrodinger equation and the finite difference method is used to generate the numerical solution of PDE. In order to expedite the execute time of our algorithm, the parallel computing is exploited to perform the manipulation. In recent years, GPU computing has been widely used for some computing intensive scientific applications due to its high performance and low cost. Therefore, we designed and developed the parallel algorithm in parallel programming API such as OpenMP, openACC and CUDA.




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