Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Don, Jarlen


Much research of Anti-Oxidant has been developed and is still being developed to protect Carbon-Carbon(C/C) material from oxidizing. C/C materials tend to lose their mechanical properties due to the oxidation. The aerospace brake industries have conducted a lot of research on this, because C/C material is an excellent material to be used for brake systems if a good oxygen protection is developed for it. The research performed by Dr.Jarlen Don detected a problem with the oxidation at high temperatures with the current composition. Phosphorus based coating does not protect C/C for more than 15 hours at 871C. By doing a multi-layer coating of the anti-oxidant, the anti-oxidant will be able to protect the brake systems better at a high temperature. To address the problem, research and experiments were conducted to protect oxidation at higher temperatures by using a silicon-based anti-oxidant. Silicon based overcoat will be the top layer of the anti-oxidant while the bottom will be the phosphorus based anti-oxidant that previously has been coated.




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