Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts


Mass Communication and Media Arts

First Advisor

Kreider, Wago


This paper discusses the issue of depersonalization and the subjective need for objectification and provides a means of understanding and developing a possible solution. Through the basic observation of an overlap between Behavioral Genetics, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Psychology, Physiognomy, the visual language and the artistic practice, one can begin to take note of the affects of our environments on an individualistic level. Through creative practice and the use of the visual language, one may develop an individualistic form of therapy. In recent years we have drifted away from the science of visual language and the basic aesthetic experience. The visual language and the basic aesthetic experience allow the depersonalized individual to engage in conversation and observation through an object of the visual language to the biological inner self as person. Through this conversation one may find comfort in the acknowledgment of the biological inner self as person from the other as person in hopes to subdue the subjective need for objectification. One may also gain a better understanding of the individualistic correlation between one's environment and one's biological inner self as person.




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