Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science



First Advisor

Dixon, Mark


The present study looked at the relationship between the use a discrete-trial instruction sequence, as prescribed in the PEAK Relational Training System, to teach children with ASD to respond to wh- questions. Three participants, between the ages of ten and eleven, were exposed to a multi-phase, receptive identification, and intraverbal-transfer training in which contextually controlled equivalence classes were taught using stimuli related to community helpers. A concurrent multiple baselines across skills and participants design was utilized to assess the functional relationship between training and the emergence of untrained relational responses and intraverbal transfers. Results indicate that for two of the three individuals, mastery of the contextually controlled receptive identification of community associations and noun association was adequate for producing the emergence of untrained intraverbal responding the adult forms of the wh- questions related to those stimuli.




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