Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Arts



First Advisor

Butler, Brian


This research focuses on the nature and extent of social relationships between two Late Woodland Lewis phase villages, ca. A.D. 650 to 900, in southern Illinois and western Kentucky. These villages are the Cypress Citadel site in Johnson County, Illinois (111JS76), and the McGilligan Creek site in Livingston County, Kentucky (19LV197). Relationships between the two communities are examined through a detailed comparison of their ceramic assemblages, especially the decorated pottery. Chi square and Cramer's V statistics are used along with the social interaction and information exchange theories to determine the most likely to association between the sites. The results suggest a distancing of the social relations between these sites over their 250-year occupations. With a lack of firm temporal data, however, these conclusions are only a best-fit model. Other significant similarities and differences are noted which provide clues for future avenues of study.




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