Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science



First Advisor

Migone, Aldo


Exfoliated graphite was used as a substrate for adsorption of argon and methane. Adsorption experiments were conducted for both equal parts mixtures of argon and methane and for each gas species independently. The purpose of this was to compare mixture adsorption to single component adsorption and to investigate theoretical predictions concerning the kinetics of adsorption made by Burde and Calbi.6 In particular, time to reach pressure equilibrium of a single dose at a constant temperature for the equal parts mixture was compared to time of adsorption for each species by itself. It was shown that mixture adsorption is a much more complex and time consuming process than single component adsorption and requires a much longer amount of time to reach equilibrium. Information about the composition evolution of the mixture during the times when pressure was going toward equilibrium was obtained using a quadrupole mass spectrometer. Evidence for initial higher rate of adsorption for the weaker binding energy species (argon) was found as well as overall composition change which clearly indicated a higher coverage of methane on the graphite sample by the time equilibration was reached. Effective specific surface area of graphite for both argon and methane was also determined using the Point-B method.2




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