Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Hatziadoniu, Constantine


In certain AC and brushless DC motor drive applications, resolvers are used to provide rotor position feedback to the motor drive electronics (e.g. to a DSP). In order to demodulate the output of the resolver and convert the rotor angular position to a digital signal, as it is required by the DSP, a resolver-to-digital converter (RDC) is used. Therefore, additional electronic circuits are needed external to the DSP. The main functions of the external circuitry are to generate a signal to magnetically excite the resolver; demodulate the resolver outputs in order to extract the angular rotor position; and finally convert the rotor angular position to a digital signal at the input of the DSP. This thesis investigates an integrated approach for the RDC-DSP system, in order to decrease the hardware complexity and system size. Specifically, the RDC functions including the sine wave generation is integrated into the DSP utilizing the processor's available resources. Besides, this thesis explores and demonstrates means to mitigate the system vulnerability to noise by utilizing theories of digital signal processing. Finally, a number of novelty adaptive filters have been proposed to minimize the impact of non-stationary speed correlated noise, which is a result of vibrations, motor play and misalignment.




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