Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Mathias, James


This research paper studies the concept of developing a different type of freezer rather than vapor-compression for Dippin' Dots, a company who sells frozen goods. The freezer in question is a magnetic freezer that works by removing the compressor and bringing in magnetocaloric materials, which provide cooling by being subjected to a magnetic field. Many possibilities for improvements are available from this technology including a safer more environmentally benign fluid, a higher efficiency, and a possible cost savings. A theoretical model was designed and efficiency calculations and a cost analysis were both performed to determine if there were any improvements and if constructing a prototype freezer was feasible. The coefficient of performance of the designed freezer had the theoretical capability of being up to 5 times that of the vapor-compression freezer, but with the pumps found to complete the design this high number fell significantly short. The price to build a prototype was calculated to be around $7,050. After considering the data building a magnetic freezer prototype does not seem feasible. Although this freezer does not seem reasonable, the magnetic refrigerator technology seems applicable for other uses and is capable of developing in the future.




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