Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Communication Disorders and Sciences

First Advisor

Boyer, Valerie


Early childhood teachers attend in-service trainings to continue their education after entering the workforce. The effectiveness of in-service training is being studied by many researchers. Some researchers postulate that adding modeling of the behavior and follow-up feedback to in-service trainings increases the ability of early childhood teachers to implement newly learned behaviors. The study investigated the effects of an instructional package (explicit teaching, modeling, and feedback) on early childhood students' implementation of vocabulary behaviors during shared storybook reading. The three vocabulary behaviors studied were selecting and stressing words, explaining and relating words, and repetition. Two case studies were completed with early childhood students, using a single-subject multiple-probe design across behaviors. Participants were baselined across all three behaviors. The behaviors were taught individually using explicit teaching and modeling. When criterion was reached, a new behavior was trained and modeled. Participants were given feedback on their performance, as well. Results showed the participants were able to implement selecting and stressing words and repetition during shared storybook reading after explicit training and modeling. The implementation of explaining and relating behaviors required additional feedback and reteaching for the participants to reach criterion. The study supports the research indicating that modeling and feedback improve early childhood students' abilities to implement newly learned skills.




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