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Faster drying techniques are preferred to prevent spoilage of harvested wheat seeds. Microwave (MW) drying may be used as an alternate technique for faster drying of crops with efficient utilisation of time and energy. The objective of this study was to develop a mathematical model to simulate the drying condition of wheat seeds during drying in a MW oven. A coupled mathematical model was developed for simultaneous MW and convective drying of wheat seeds in a domestic MW oven, resulting in a system of non-linear equations. Wheat samples with initial moisture levels of 15e25% wet basis were dried under MW power ranging from 245 to 910W for 3 min. The temperature and the relative humidity of drying air was 23 degC and 27%, respectively. The results revealed that the rate of drying increased with increase in the initial moisture content of wheat seeds. The germination percentage of wheat seeds decreased with the increase of the MW power at each initial moisture content. The predicted temperature of grain during drying with the MW power at 910W was within the range of 65-70 degC. The experimental results of moisture content of wheat seeds undergoing MW drying were in good agreement with the moisture content of wheat seeds predicted by the coupled mathematical model.