Published in Agricultural Sciences, Vol. 1 No. 1 (2010) at doi:10.4236/as.2010.11001


The aim of this research was determine the ma- ximum application uniformity of closed circuit trickle irrigation systems designs. Laboratory tests carried out for Two types of closed circuits: a) One manifold for lateral lines or Closed cir-cuits with One Manifold of Trikle Irrigation Sys-tem (COMTIS); b) Closed circuits with Two Manifolds of Trikle Irrigation System (CTMTIS), and c) Traditional Trikle Irrigation System (TTIS) as a control. Three lengths of lateral lines were used, 40, 60, and 80 meters. PE tubes lateral lines: 16 mm diameter; 30 cm emitters distance, and GR built-in emitters 4 lph when operating pressure 1 bar. Experiments were conducted at the Agric. Eng. Res. Inst., ARC, MALR, Egypt. With COMTIS the emitter flow rate was 4.07, 3.51, and 3.59 lph compared to 4.18, 3.72, and 3.71 lph with CTMTIS and 3.21, 2.6, and 2.16 lph with TTIS (lateral lengths 40, 60, and 80 meters respec-tively). Uniformity varied widely within individual lateral lengths and between circuit types. Under CTMTIS uniformity values were 97.74, 95.14, and 92.03 %; with COMTIS they were 95.73, 89.45, and 83.25 %; and with TTIS they were 88.27, 84.73, and 80.53 % (for lateral lengths 40, 60, 80 meters respectively). The greatest uniformity was observed under CTMTIS and COMTIS when using the shortest lateral length 40 meters, then lateral length 60 meters, while the lowest value was observed when using lateral length 80 me-ters this result depends on the physical and hy-draulic characteristics of the emitter and lateral line. CTMTIS was more uniform than either COMTIS or TTIS. Friction losses were decreased with CTMTIS in the emitter laterals at lengths 40 meters compared to TTIS and COMTIS. There-fore, differences may be related to increased friction losses when using TDIS and COMDIS.