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Published in Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 100 No. 19 (2012) at doi: 10.1063/1.4714539


The magnetocaloric properties of the Ni50Mn34.8In14.2B Heusler alloy have been studied by direct measurements of the adiabatic temperature change (ΔTAD(T,H)) and indirectly by magnetization (M(T,H)), differential scanning calorimetry, and specific heat (C(T,H)) measurements. The presence of a first-order ferromagnetic-paramagnetic transition has been detected for Ni50Mn34.8In14.2B at 320 K. The magnetocaloric parameters, i.e., the magnetic entropy change (ΔSM = (2.9-3.2) J/kgK) and the adiabatic temperature change (ΔTAD = (1.3-1.52) K), have been evaluated for ΔH = 1.8 T from CP(T,H) and M(T,H) data and from direct ΔTAD(T,H) measurements. The extracted magnetocaloric parameters are comparable to those of Gd.