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Published in Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 98 No. 13 (2011) at doi: 10.1063/1.3574088


The adiabatic temperature changes (ΔTad) in the vicinity of the Curie and martensitic transition temperatures of Ni50Mn35In15 and Ni50Mn35In14Z (Z = Al and Ge) Heusler alloys have been studied using an adiabatic magnetocalorimeter of 250–350 K temperature interval for applied magnetic field changes up to ΔH = 1.8 T. The largest measured changes were ΔTad = −2 and 2 K near the martensitic (first-order) and ferromagnetic (second-order) transitions for ΔH = 1.8 T, respectively. It was observed that |ΔTad| ≈ 1 K for relatively small field changes (ΔH = 1 T) for both types of transitions. The results indicate that these materials should be further explored as potential working materials in magnetic refrigeration applications.