Volume 5, Issue 1 (2011) Spring 2011

Welcome to Volume 5, Issue 1, Spring 2011. With this issue we add a new invited feature to the Journal, which we hope you find valuable. The final article in this and future issues will be an invited review of the literature on a current topic of interest. In this issue, our authors explore research into attitudes toward and perceptions of workplace diversity. We hope that you enjoy this added feature, and invite your comments. Please send comments or suggestions to bputnam@siu.edu. Submission of manuscripts must be made at http://opensiuc.lib.siu.edu/ojwed/ .

Each year, our spring issue attempts to emphasize curriculum development in workforce education and related content. To that end we have chosen 5 articles covering a wide range of topics which include learning environments in secondary agricultural education programs, volunteerism and digital choices, curricular development in green collar careers, Evaluating pre-service teachers and conflict management in medical education. We hope that you enjoy our issue, and, as always, we invite your input.


A.R. Putnam, Editor



A Perceptual Analysis Of The Benefits And Barriers To Creating All Inclusive Learning Environments In Secondary Agricultural Education Programs
Antoine J. Alston, Chastity K. Warren English, Anthony Graham, Dexter Wakefield, and Frankie Farbotko


Research Note
M. Benjamin, G. Haas, F. Jefferson, M. Judge, J. Luna, T. Russell, M. Siphaxay, E. Steiner, and B. Freeburg