Published in Gee, T. A., Cao, J., & Mathias, J. A., & Christiensen, R. N. (2001). Experimental Testing and modeling of a Dual-Fired LiBr-H2O Absorption Chiller. ASHRAE Transactions, 107(2), 3-11. ©2001 ASHRAE (


An LiBr-H2O chiller was modified to utilize heat sources from natural gas combustion and/or from hot fluid. This was achieved by replacing the original gas-fired generator with a dual-fired generator. Steam was used as the hot fluid. The generator of the chiller can be powered by each source separately or both sources simultaneously. Experimental investigation was performed to obtain capacity and coefficient of performance (COP) of the original chiller and the modified chiller. During the experiments, the modified chiller was powered solely by steam, natural gas, or both. There was a significant increase in COP and capacity when steam was used as a heat source. The tests using natural gas resulted in performance similar to the original chiller. The experimental conditions were closely modeled by a numerical program.