In this project, we introduce Python code for solving Quaternionic Quadratic Equations(QQE). Liping Huang and Wasin So [2] derive explicit formulas for computing the roots of quaternionic quadratic equations. We study and motivated by their mathematical work and able to give convenient Python code to get solutions for any QQE. In section one, we give a brief introduction about quaternions, its history, algebra, and geometry[4]. Later we explain Huang and Wasin [2] work of how to derive an explicit formula for solving QQE and include the Python code to solve any QQE of the form $x^2+bx+c=0$ where $a,b\in\mathbb{H}$ in general. All necessary details about how to install and code using Python can be found from Python official website [5] and a wide range of practical examples can be learned from the book, Computational Physics with Python by Mark Newman[3].