The Library of Living Philosophers: From a Personal Memoir by Paul Arthur Schilpp / 79

Einstein and the Library of Living Philosophers by Paul C. Rasmussen / 95

Philip E. B. Jourdain and the Open Court Papers by Elizabeth R. Eames / 101

Henry Nelson Wieman at Ninety by John Albin Brayer / 113

Unintentional History: Photographs of Litchfield by William F. Morton / 119

Robert Graves: The Art of Revision by John W. Presley / 133

The Open Court Papers by Claudia McKenzie Foster / 146

Contributors / 152


Ernst Cassirer, Paul A. Schilpp, and G. E. Moore / 84

Albert Einstein and Paul Schilpp in Einstein's study / 96

Albert Einstein to Paul Schilpp, t.l.s., 18 December 1949 / 98

Photographs of Litchfield, lllinois / 121-132

Early holograph draft of "Between Hyssop and Axe" / 140

Intermediate draft of the same Graves poem / 142