edited by John S. Haller, Jr.


From the Editor:

Colonel Roderick Macleod’s “Memoir of an Artillery Officer in the First World War” is housed among the many papers of World War I American, British, Canadian, and German soldiers in Morris Library’s Special Collections at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. The original handwritten “Memoir” was given by Colonel Macleod to a Father Simon in Glasgow, Scotland, who informed the priest that he had no one to leave it to and had wanted it to be published. Father Simon handed it to Dr. Louise Grace Shaw, a Ph.D. in War Studies, who edited and then typed the manuscript to make it ‘reader friendly.’ She also checked on the accuracy of the events described in the “Memoir.” A copy of the typed manuscript was given by Dr. Shaw to Morris Library.

After searching the Internet, I found that Maggs Bros. Ltd, a seller of rare books and manuscripts, owns a single copy of the “Memoir.” The site also states that two other copies exist: one at Southern Illinois University, and the other at the Liddle Hart Centre for Military Archives in King’s College London where Colonel Macleod’s Papers are located. In checking with the Centre collection, however, it makes no mention of owning a copy of the “Memoir.”

Since the “Memoir” was manually typed, I took the liberty of retyping the manuscript into a computer. I also Americanized the language, and updated the punctuation to make it more readable. In the interest of making the work available to scholars, I am providing my digitized version through “Open Access.”

In a separate file are 19 maps/illustrations that accompany the “Memoir.” Their placement is identified within the manuscript.

Maps and Illustrations.docx (17803 kB)
19 maps/illustrations that accompany the “Memoir”

biography.docx (16 kB)
Short Biography of Roderick ‘Rory’ Macleod