Degree Name

Master of Science

Department or Program

Mass Communication and Media Arts


Karan, Kavita


African American women in the U.S. face persistent health disparities compared to other women of different ethnic backgrounds. Black women experience high infertility rates, high stigma of reproductive challenges, and social barriers when accessing health care. Although some improvements ensuring equitable healthcare have been attempted, social barriers remain relevant regarding racial bias and enforced stereotyped perceptions of Black women in health care. Overall, this study explores the deeper roots of medical exploitations of Black women and expands on the historical foundation of racism and stereotype perceptions, and how it has negatively influenced the present-day health outcomes of Black women. The research will reveal the tragic experiences that Black women face with medical physicians, and the effects of their doctor-patient relationships. This study will also research how accessing media, like health websites and social media platforms, play a role in how Black women obtain and access health-related information.