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Master of Music

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Dillard, David A.


This document contains information to aid in the understanding of repertoire performed at the graduate voice recital of Breanna Williams. Pieces include: “Ah! Il suo nome…Flammen perdonami” from Mascagni’s Lodoletta; “Rose of Sharon” and “Cedar of Lebanon” from Andrew Beall’s Song of ‘Almah; “O wär’ ich schon mit dir vereint” from Beethoven’s Fidelio; “Zueignung” and “Nichts” from Strauss’s Op. 10; Duparc’s “Chanson Triste”, “Le manoir de Rosemonde”, and “L’invitation au voyage”; Florence Price’s “Feet o’ Jesus” and Moses Hogan’s “Give Me Jesus”. The author provides brief composer biographies, musical and textual analyses as well as performance tips to aid singers who wish to perform the stated repertoire.