Degree Name

Master of Science in Education

Department or Program

Rehabilitation Counseling


Upton, Thomas.


For years, law enforcement didn’t have adequate training in knowing how to handle cases that involved people with disabilities (PWD). As an ending result, it left PWD either traumatized or dead. Officers negative impact have loved ones fearing and uncertain if calling officers would be the best decision for the situation. Several cases show where officers acted out in violence and excessive force due to fearing the unknown of what would happen. Officers approach and interactional styles are poor and in need of improvement.

Appropriate training courses are now enforced upon certain states, cities, and counties due to too many incidents regarding PWD ending in poor results. Proper preparation, prevention, and intervention is a necessity not only to officers but family members, the community, and across nations. As a society norm, officers are supposed to protect and serve. Understanding that officers play a vital role and are a part of society. Being mindful that they’re human beings as well.

There are programs intended to help and support PWD who endured such traumatizing events. To better understand, PWD are being included within the training. The goal is to bring awareness to officers and improving their behaviors in hopes of building a better rapport with PWD. Promoting a healthier and safer environment.