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Degree Name

Master of Science

Department or Program

Food and Nutrition


Banz, William J.


The purpose of this study is to shed light on the potential role of vitamin D in its hydroxylated form, 25-OH-Cholecalciferol(25OHD), in moderating the development and attenuation of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) via an aged laying hen model. Specifically, thirty-month-old single-comb white Leghorn hens were assigned at random to one of three diets: a control diet (CON) consisting of a standard composition of feed and supplements, a vitamin-D-supplemented group (VID) consisting of the CON diet with an additional 69 μg/kg of 25OHD per day, and a whole flaxseed (WFX) supplemented group used as a comparative intervention standard against the VID group. The results were inconclusive as to the role of 25OHD in modifying the development and progression of NAFLD. Nonetheless, this study serves to emphasize the importance of future studies investigating this association. Discussion of the various limitations for this study can also inform the design of future studies of this nature.