Degree Name

Master of Arts

Department or Program

Criminology and Criminal Justice


Narag, Raymund


This paper aims to understand the dynamics of the Student Code of Conduct as it is being implemented at Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC). Utilizing my reflections on my observations as a staff member under the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs for five years, I outline some things that have and have not worked. Guided by the criminological theories, such as, Restorative Justice, Social Bond, and Social Learning, and Self Authorship this paper recommends four solutions. First, all incoming students should be mandated to complete a service learning project in the Carbondale community. Second, Student Rights and Responsibilities should increase the use and length of reflection papers for violators of the Student Code of Conduct. Third, those who are sanctioned to community service through Student Rights and Responsibilities should have more options for volunteer placement sites. Fourth, there should be a staff member hired in Student Rights and Responsibilities as a mentor for students who have committed conduct violations and to oversee the completion of student sanctions. This paper also reflects on what other universities can learn from the SIUC experience.