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Master of Science

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Rehfeldt, Ruth Anne


Statistical analyses have found a significant proportion of crime is of a sexual nature and that reducing its occurrence is a complex problem that has had various solutions proposed. Therapy programs that focus on the reduction of sexually deviant behavior have been proposed by many clinicians and researchers in the psychological and rehabilitative fields which have shown varying degrees of success. As treatments have been developed across multiple disciplines there have been many paradigms developed around the development and corresponding treatment of sexually deviant behavior. Along with addressing the behavior itself, many programs have sought to address sexual deviancy based on the interaction it produces between the individual and the multiple social systems they are a part of with the goal of understanding development of such behavior from a broader scale outside the individual and preserving individual liberties while treating such individuals. The goal of this review is to summarize the methods of several programs based on a massive online search and to examine the trends among successful treatments as well as propose future directions for the treatment of individuals that engage in sexually deviant behavior.