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Master of Science in Education

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Park, Muengguk


The purpose of this study was to measure the nutrition knowledge of endurance and non-endurance athletes to compare the nutrition knowledge of athletes in different sport categories. Nutrition knowledge differences in gender were also evaluated. Data was collected from 100 student-athletes at a NCAA Division I, mid-major university. The participants were administered a 35 question nutrition knowledge questionnaire and the statistics were measured based on questions answered correctly. Descriptive statistics revealed that the overall nutrition knowledge of the student-athletes was very low ( ± SD=19.64 ± 4.82), but there was no significant difference between the different sport categories (F=.061, p=.152) or gender (F=.014, p=.930). This study will contribute to the body of knowledge on nutrition knowledge in collegiate athletes by exploring additional contributing factors of lack of knowledge, which is a consistent trend in this population. Furthermore, this study will help athletic administrators involved in college athletics develop more effective resources which will increase the student-athletes knowledge of their nutrition needs.