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Master of Science in Education

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M. Daniel Becque


The purpose of this paper was to investigate the placebo effect of a preworkout drink on muscular strength with leg press and bench press. Eighteen, experienced college aged males with at least 2 years of resistance training, volunteered for this study. The participants had different conditions on three separate days. Participants were given a condition which included a treatment, placebo, and control. The treatment was a fruit punch flavored preworkout drink (1MR Vortex by B.P.I. Sports) which contained caffeine. The amount of caffeine was equivalent of two cups of coffee. The placebo was a non-nutritional, caffeine-free, fruit punch flavor Hawaiian Punch. Both were consumed in 6 ounces of water. The control consisted of only the testing. On the testing days participants engaged in 1 repetition max (1RM) testing. The leg press results were 447.3 ± 92.1 kg for treatment, 439.0 ± 86.6 kg for placebo, and 439.3 ± 98.7 kg for control. There were no significant differences (p=.4213, F(2,17)=.887) between the conditions. The bench press results were 115.8 ± 19.1 kg for the treatment, 113.5 ± 16.6 kg for the placebo, and 113.8 ± 19.5 kg for the control. There were no significant differences (p=.1485, F(2,17)=2.018) between the conditions. In conclusion, there was no effect of placebo or preworkout drink in comparison with control.