Degree Name

Master of Science

Department or Program

Agribusiness Economics


Sanders, Dwight R.


Sugar beet production was responsible for 56.6 percent of all U.S. sugar production in 2014. 82 percent of this production came from the states of Minnesota, North Dakota, Idaho, and Michigan. Sugar beets are an important crop for growers in these states so research in this area could be of great value to them. Current U.S. sugar policy protects domestic sugar prices from falling below set target rates. However, there has been very little research that describes the relationship of changing sugar beet prices above these target rates, with different economic variables. This study explores the potential relationship U.S. sugar beet prices have with domestic sugar beet production, world sugar prices, incomes, and U.S. sugar imports. With the results, U.S. sugar beet producers might make better pre-plant decisions such as acreage allotments. Sugar beet processors might have more information available to them for pricing of their sugar products and interest groups might see the possible impacts of proposed policy changes for the U.S. sugar industry.