Degree Name

Master of Science

Department or Program

Mass Communication and Media Arts


Iyer, Narayanan



Statistics in sports have increasingly become such an important factor, yet at the collegiate Division I level all the statistics are generated using an antiquated software called StatCrew. The software unbelievably still uses a DOS platform and is the standard for all sports statistics reporting among Division I level athletic programs in the United States.

The objectives of this study are to: (1) gauge customer satisfaction and trust in the StatCrew brand; (2) to investigate users needs in sports statistics reporting and how the current system should be improved; and (3), to gauge whether or not dissatisfaction is high enough that there is an unexploited market in collegiate statistics software for either a competitor to take advantage of, or for StatCrew to remedy.

A 27-question emaul survey was sent to 345 Division I sports information directors from across the United States and included questions about their perceptions of StatCrew, how it could be improved and their needs in a more robust system that could potentially replace StatCrew. A total of 134 responses were collected, yielding a response rate of 38.8 percent – far above the target range of 25 percent (86 responses) and 35 percent (120 responses).

In general, the survey found that SIDs are satisfied with the current state of affairs with StatCrew, but acknowledge some things could be changed or improved to comply with technology in the 21st century. The current satisfaction rate among respondents was 52.2 percent.