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Master of Music

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Lenz, Eric


This paper will provide insight into the close connections of some of the early 20th century’s true masters of violin and composition, specifically: Eugène Ysaӱe, César Franck, and Fritz Kreisler. Through anecdotes and analysis of four of their works I hope to show how collaboration and friendship between these masters lead to some of the last great examples of violinists composing for themselves (or others). The Franck Sonata will set the scene for how close these men all were, while a detailed look at the Ysaӱe Sonata and Mazurka will show the extensive skill present both musically and technically in the man responsible for these works’ creation and popularity. The final piece, Kreisler’s Recitativo und Scherzo-Caprice, will show how Ysaӱe’s influence popularized certain techniques that are then used in other violinists’ works and ultimately become considered standard.