Degree Name

Master of Science

Department or Program

Mass Communication and Media Arts


Perkins-Buzo, John R.


With the ever-rising capabilities of motion capture systems; this project explored markerless facial motion capture programs using the Kinect Sensor for Xbox. Many systems today still use markers and end up retargeting after a motion capture recording. This project used a simpler process of setting up and being able to display the effects live. An off-the-shelf system was built using a computer, a Kinect Sensor, a plug-in from Brekel, and Autodesk software. The first goal was to create a process that was able to capture and project live facial motion for fewer than $500 USD. Anything over $500 USD was considered to be more of a professional studio set-up. With an inexpensive setup, amateur users can do motion capture outside of a studio. The second goal was to observe the outcome of the audiences' responses and see if interaction felt more mechanical than human.