Degree Name

Master of Science

Department or Program

Agribusiness Economics


Wanki Moon


In the 21st century, the pork industry has became an important component of the American economy. Creating more benefits and generating more job opportunities. To have a better understanding of the industry can help the companies and government participate in the market better, so that the consumers can have products with better quality.

By aiming at five specific pork products, we try to figure out what element can affect consumers' purchase behavior directly. How do they select the pork product that meet their preferences. And how can the answer to these question can benefit the producers.

By a survey consisted by a number of specific questions, and two regression models ,we try to analysis consumers' purchase behavior based on the numbers we collected by the survey. And present the affection of all the explanatory variables we selected. The result of the analysis can provide an important information to the producers: which pork product is the best seller in the pork market, which attribute of the pork in the most important one that should be paid more attention in the producing process for different parts of pork products. Also, we've made some suggestions based on the advantages and disadvantages in our paper for further study.