Degree Name

Master of Science

Department or Program

Agribusiness Economics


Moon, Wanki


This paper develops econometric models to address two objectives: (i) examining whether or not the demographic and socio-economic profiles play any role in explaining US citizens’ attitude toward environmental/ecological state of our planet, and (ii) determining whether such attitudes are significantly related to economic, environmental and social behaviors. US citizens’ attitudes toward ecological state of our planet are measured using the 15 questions from the New Ecological Paradigm (NEP). The level of agreement to the New Environmental Paradigm statements were measured by the Seven-Point-Likert scale. Incorporating various dimensions of our planet’s ecological problems/issues, the NEP measures whether respondents are optimistic or pessimistic about our planet’s ecological state. Findings of this research show how demographic and socio-economic variables do impact the US citizen’s environmental attitude and also how such attitudes are related. Although further researches are needed in order to corroborate the results, the outcomes of this research might interest market researchers as green market is a growing segment and also it might be useful to policymakers for targeted environmental awareness campaigns.