Degree Name

Master of Science

Department or Program

Agribusiness Economics


Sanders, Dwight R


Horse slaughter has been a widely contested issue in the United States recently. There are arguments for and against the legalization of horse slaughter, with passionate members on each side of the debate. A market does exist for horses, and as such, the economic impacts of policy decisions should be discussed when addressing this topic. The fact is, that regardless of personal feelings concerning this matter, consequences exist with the cessation or dissolution of this practice. To better understand and draw conclusions on what this issue means for the United States from an objective, economic standpoint, the history and facts surrounding horse slaughter must be reviewed as well as various arguments for and against. An objective approach is necessary to appropriately determine the economic benefit or cost of horse slaughter legislation; as such, both sides will be addressed and the economics associated with the issue will be reviewed and presented further. This is aimed at reviewing policy and legislation affecting equine welfare as well as the economics associated with termination of domestic horse slaughter in the United States.