Degree Name

Master of Science

Department or Program

Mass Communication and Media Arts


Karan, Kavita


The foundations of the urban community were established through the movements, rhythms and lectures of those previously associated with the population. Hip-hop gives truth to the idea that youth are impressionable and serve as trendsetters of the future. Hip-hop artists function as the success story of a sector were little opportunity is afforded to large imaginations. Marketers, record label executives and brand managers have decoded the anatomy of a musical artist and are dissecting the many ways to promote the hip-hop artist outside of his original identity. This research explores the marketing and advertising strategies used to support the artist as a brand and create revenue within the young adult target audience. A case study on Beats Electronics was performed to display the use of product marketing with an urban culture background. A quantitative study was conducted using a convenience sampling distribution method through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 116 responses were collected and analyzed based on participant’s knowledge of the hip-hop culture and artists, consumer shopping habits and knowledge of Beats Electronics. Research indicates that product quality and branded artist promotions are key factors in young adult product purchasing decisions.