Degree Name

Master of Science

Department or Program

Behavior Analysis and Therapy


Baker, Jonathan C.


The demand for effective rapport building skills in the job market has increased. Most jobs make it imperative that there employees know what it takes to be effective in building solid relationships with clients to not only ensure that the clients return, but to create more ratings of satisfactory so as to increase their clientele. It has been identified that in order to effectively build rapport, one must possess sufficient interpersonal skills because it is very essential in effectively building relationships with others.

In the field of behavior analysis, behavior analysts are only briefly acknowledging the effects of rapport building and have not emphasized on its importance when working with clients and their families; perhaps, because rapport building is not typically considered a measurable behavior. However, there are ways to measure the effects of rapport building that could ultimately increase the effects of services provided by behavior analysts. With the use of empirically proven methods such as workshops, there are ways to teach clinical staff how to build rapport with clients while still remaining in the observable scopes of behavior analysis.