Degree Name

Master of Public Administration

Department or Program

Political Science


Grant, James M.


Nonprofit organizations survive through grants and donations. As society progresses into the technology age, it is important for nonprofit organizations to follow suit and become more technologically adept. The days in which donations were obtained through direct mailings, phone calls, and emails are fading. In order to stay current with the most donors, nonprofit organizations need to have a presence on social media websites, and should explore the use of social media and text-to-give campaigns for the solicitation of donations. This paper attempts to provide insight to nonprofit organizations, on both national and local levels, regarding the advantages of using social media and mobile applications to solicit donations. To provide this insight, questionnaire results for four nonprofit organizations located in Chicago, Illinois were analyzed. All organizations that participated in this research have a significant presence on social media websites, two had previously explored using text-to-give campaigns, and two had experience with receiving donations through mobile applications.