Degree Name

Master of Science in Education

Department or Program

Special Education


Bruns, Deborah A.


In Early Intervention (EI), family-centered practices are recommended and family-centered services are espoused as the main delivery method. Yet, EI service providers may not implement this approach. This literature review will examine provider and family perspectives of the delivery of family-centered services in the context of the Division for Early Childhood’s recommended practices indicators of family-centered services. Findings indicated a gap between what families and providers believed were ideal family-centered practices and what was actually being implemented in EI. Barriers such as training for providers and families and lack of appropriate resources were identified. Implications for the future are evaluation of the fidelity and methodology of family-centered services training and increased resource allocation in order to increase opportunities for teaming, co-treatment, training, and professional development for providers and families in order to enhance implementation of family-centered services.