Degree Name

Master of Public Administration

Department or Program

Public Administration


NewMyer, David A.


With any new technology in aviation come new regulations, policies and

concerns about safety related to the implementation of this new technology. The

purpose of this research is to explain what aviation safety initiatives have been

introduced in response to the use of glass cockpits in general aviation. The method

that will be used to explore this topic and answer this question will be a literature review

of already published information on glass cockpits. This information will be taken from

aviation-related articles, reports, studies and websites. Discussion about policy

changes that have been developed due to the introduction and continued use of glass

cockpit technology will be explained, including studies completed by aviation

organizations to compare this technology to conventional aviation cockpit panels and

their results. Studies show that training is an important factor to this topic. Increased

training means more time and more money will need to be put forth by those learning to

fly and teaching to fly, as well as by those building and bettering aviation technologies,

all in order to continue to make flight a possibility.