Degree Name

Master of Public Administration

Department or Program

Public Administration


Bachman, Dona


Despite the fact that the arts are regarded as a core curriculum classes in the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), it is still regarded as a subject that is not as important as math or science in America’s public schools. Upon extensive research, it is clear that this act has many issues. These issues tend to hover around whether or not arts education is important. Like many of the author’s cited in this paper, this writer agrees that change needs to happen in policy on a national level. Because a direct route to policy change is a long-term goal, it is imperative to start at a local level. Community arts centers, museums, and other like-minded organizations can be the voice to a community or to the nation, to let everyone know that the arts are important. Before policy change can happen, people’s ideas and small minded thinking needs to change about art. Small communities can set large examples.