Degree Name

Master of Science

Department or Program

Mass Communication and Media Arts


Dr. Narayanan Iyer


This study is a content analysis of the promotional methods used by the Fox Broadcasting Company (Fox) and the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) during the Super Bowl. It takes a comparative look at the promotional spots, or promos, each network aired, during Super Bowl XLV (2011) and XLVI (2012), spanning an hour before kick-off, the game, and through the post game show. The promos have been categorized under various groups in order to analyze and compare the networks’ strategy. The study documents trends and unique occurrences that occur when both networks are compared. The data is synthesized into percentages that reveal patterns in the promotional methods of each network, as well as, brings light to glaring differences in the branding identities of each network. Fox aired a total of 71 promos during its Super Bowl broadcast compared to NBC’s 39 promotional spots aired. Fox promoted its programming and brand identity much more time efficiently than NBC, as well as constructed a wider palette of programming to introduce to the diverse Super Bowl audience.