Degree Name

Master of Science

Department or Program

Mass Communication and Media Arts


Paul Torre


Advancing online technologies have traditional legacy media scrambling to generate consistent revenue streams in the digital space. Even though online and mobile technologies encourage publishers to develop new content for the web there are inherent challenges to adapting tactile non digital formats into ones and zeros. Furthermore, the digital space has yet to define a specific business model applicable for all online media. Presenting current trends in digital publishing of comic books as well as traditional media, this document defines emerging online business models and case examples of consumer purchase incentives. The defined business models and literature provide a guided framework and are applied to the production of a comic book application prototype, the Choosie Book. The prototype is created as an interactive interface following conventions established in comic books and children’s picture books. The prototype’s intellectual property, Just James, was previously published in the popular anthology Reading With Pictures. The Just James narrative, graphic illustrations, and structure have been adapted from its original publication for the purposes of this prototype. It is intended as a proof of concept for digital publishers, producers, and developers.