Degree Name

Master of Science

Department or Program

Mass Communication and Media Arts


Hong Zhou


As China’s visibility to the world rapidly increases, the perception of Chinese identities is of concern by the Chinese themselves and by the world outside of China in trying to understand this burgeoning global power. The Chinese are very conscientious of how the world views them, and go to great lengths to effect this impression. One group that is representing China’s image to the world is the “80 Hou”, the post-80’s generation that are travelling and studying abroad more than their predecessors. They are unique in Chinese history and are the subject of interest in this research. Within this generation of “80 Hou” is a sub-culture that has become known as the “little emperors”. As China’s economy grows within the instituted one child policy and this new generation replaces the current leadership the phenomenon of the “little emperors” may have a negative effect on the future of China. Under this context, I made this documentary project in order to document a journey of a young Chinese woman took to discover her old grandfather’s forgotten life stories.