Degree Name

Master of Science

Department or Program

Mass Communication and Media Arts


Hochheimer, John L.


The focus of this research paper is a case study charting the development of the WSIU brand campaign for television. WSIU Public Broadcasting is in the midst of a brand roll out campaign with its own positioning strategy centralized in its tagline, Powered by You®. For WSIU-TV, the idea is to create soft sell testimonial spots in which WSIU supporters engage the audience with compelling stories about how public television has made an impact on their lives.

By comparing the elements of branding and practices alongside WSIU’s Powered by You campaign, an attempt will be made to characterize and specify the brand, clarify the campaign strategy through its positioning, and identify the successes while offering suggestions to areas that were overlooked. The objective of this study is to demonstrate how branding requires thorough research to build the brand strategy, which must be shared with all members of an organization in order to extend the brand experience across all platforms to develop a strong and purposeful campaign.