Degree Name

Master of Science

Department or Program

Behavior Analysis and Therapy


Baker, Jonathan C.


This study examined the efficacy of behavioral skills training (BST) to teach appropriate requesting and a differential reinforcement of alternative behavior (DRA) paired with a timeout procedure to decrease problem behavior of a 4-year-old typically developing boy who attended a local Pre-kindergarten half-day program. The participant engaged in problem behavior in the form of aggression, property destruction, and taking materials from peers. The BST program consisted of instruction, modeling, rehearsal, and feedback to increase appropriate requesting of materials and attention. The DRA procedure was implemented and combined with a 1-min timeout procedure. A fixed interval (FI) schedule was implemented. After a designated amount of time elapsed, the first occurrence of appropriate requesting resulted in receiving a sticker which was placed on a necklace, and worn by the participant. An increase in the frequency of appropriate requests was demonstrated following BST and maintained when the teachers‟ aide implemented the intervention. In addition, a decrease in the frequency of problem behavior was observed when and only when the intervention was in place. Moreover, problem behavior remained low when the teachers‟ aide implemented the intervention.