Sonal VijFollow

Degree Name

Master of Science

Department or Program

Mass Communication and Media Arts


Julia Rendleman


This paper explores the relationships between women and their work in India's Delhi National Capital Region. Using a journalistic ethnographic research approach, the study examines women's experiences from different socioeconomic backgrounds, professions, and castes. The research aims to understand the complex dynamics of female relationships at work, focusing on how women negotiate and resist patriarchal structures. The research uses participant observational techniques and involves spending time with the participants in their workplaces, observing their interactions, capturing them on camera, and conducting semi-structured interviews. The data is analyzed thematically to identify the patterns and themes that emerge from the participants' experiences. The findings suggest that women at work in the National Capital Region of India experience a range of patriarchal nuances. The study also highlights the role of intersectionality in shaping women's experiences and the importance of creating spaces that support women's empowerment and encourage interrelationships. The research paper concludes by suggesting that men in their lives can play a crucial role in creating supportive environments for women to pursue their careers. Certain patterns emerge that indicate why certain women are empowered; some are yet to be empowered. The study emphasizes the need for future research to explore the interrelationships among women, work in other contexts and develop interventions that support women's empowerment.