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Master of Music

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Worthen, Douglas


This scholarly program note will discuss works by J. S. Bach, Bohuslav Martinu, Robert Dick, Franz Doppler, and Georges Hue. Bach’s Sonata in G Minor for flute and piano has been a topic of debate amongst historians. However, similarities between BWV 1020 and BWV 1031 show that there should be little doubt that both works were in fact composed by J. S. Bach. Bohuslav Martinu lived a complex life full of ups and downs. This paper will discuss his life and his sonata for flute and piano. Robert Dick is another twentieth–twenty-first century composer who has had an influence on the development of modern techniques for flute. His book Flying Lessons No. 1 guides young flutists through the development of multi-phonics, harmonic, key clicks, and more. This paper will also discuss Franz Doppler’s Air Valaques, highlighting the technically needs that every flute player requires. Finally, this paper will discuss Georges Hue’s Fantasie for flute and piano and its use of the half-diminished seventh chord.