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Master of Music

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Davenport, Susan G.


This document is an overview of the research and rehearsal considerations made in preparation for works programmed on a choral conducting recital. The pieces on the program are: Josquin’s El Grillo, Purcell’s “Man That Is Born of a Woman,” Mozart’s Te Deum Laudamus, Brahms’ “Sehnsucht,” Källman’s Peze Kafé, and Nystedt’s “Peace I Leave With You.” The program is ultimately a chronology spanning from the Baroque era into the Modern era. When selecting these pieces, it was of high importance to locate works that both showcased the nuances of each major musical time period and combined to form a contrasting program. Within each chapter there is: biographical and historical information about the composer and piece, rehearsal and conducting considerations, a formal analysis, and reviews of various recordings. The hope of these program notes are to aid in the future informed performances of conductors.